A person comes in someday, somehow
You know not the importance he holds
You laugh, play and enjoy days together
Slowly, he is a part of your daily life

Friend, laughs with you when you smile
He cries with you when your heart is full
He stands beside you when you are alone
He thinks of you when everyone is busy with themselves

He understands you when you are not aware of yourself
He holds you when you need him the most
He guesses what you feel, before you could express
He knows ways to change your mood when you are depressed
He guides Β and walks with you every stage of life

May storm come or rainfall he is with you
Guiding and leading you to take you there
Where Life is full of happiness|
And when such a person is near you
You cannot resist yourself and you say
That’s my best friend

-Puja Chadha


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