Plato says poetry is immoral
Mimesis is what he called.
Away from reality
It pushes the human brain.

Poets are nothing,
just the ones who can imitate.
They take you to the world
Where there is no authenticity.

They can wove you in an abstract world.
To the unknown beauty,
To the unknown fantasies,
They can make you fall in love.

Boundaries they don’t have
For syntax they don’t care.
Flow of thoughts from mind and soul
Are what they are good at.

Love, pain, anger, grief, despair,
And many more to their vocabulary,
Have no shape nor are concrete.
Their power turn them to reality!

Which can be felt!
Though not touched!
Though not palpable!
Formless words,
Express each emotions
Visible not they,
Lot they can say.

Away from material world;
Moral value definitely they hold.
– Puja Chadha


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