Blue is the shade of life.
The deep seas and oceans below,
The endless skies,
All are the tints of blue
Some dark while some light.

Variance can be seen in the leaves
Who breathe in what we release.
The tiny ones that spurt from nodes
Glossy, tender with touch of rose
As it attains maturity
turns thick and dark green.

The nature has encompassed
different colours with deviations
to blend each personality.
The white peaks gloom with touch of crimson.
The terrestrial view captures heart
When you glance its muddy part.

The nature has blended all the colours
Like the beads in a string.
The colours of life, though vary in shades
Live in harmony where each has its role to play.
Why the nuances of our life create boundaries?
Let’s together overcome them,
And from you and me, make it just we.

-Puja Chadha


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