Hovering of aircrafts
Noises of explosives
Marching of soldiers
And sky full of lighting.

Sitting on the window pane
The view baffled me.
Thundering and blasting
Made deaf and took aback a few steps.

My mom called, I had no ears to hear
No lips could ever utter.
Motionless now I stood as if a statue
That had bones and flesh.

The body turned cold,
In the dark clouds of smoke
Vision almost blurred as l turned old.
Blood I felt but beats had gone.

Army on two sides, why do they fight?
Unknown faces, slaughter heads
Don’t know what the people
behind them would have felt,
To see the corpse of the loved ones
Who bid the good bye in the morning
Now just lay dead.

Inside me now I could feel
Some warm gushes
Blood it make be,
Running to bring me to life
Or else next would have been me.

My mom in her little sense
Saw a missile on the wall next to me,
Shouted my name; no response
She held my hand and along with she ran.

I didn’t know what to say or do
Just ran as fast as I could.
I asked her; why war occur!
She didn’t reply, my words couldn’t reach her.

My murmuration was not low
The sounds of the arttilery
Had turned us deaf and lifeless.
We had heads on either side
But no hand for help to count on.

-Puja Chadha


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