Wondering I sat on the window
From sun set to day
Many thoughts paved their way
Inside me everything turned hollow.

As I child the laces I couldn’t do
Spill food had been a daily affair
Red marks on reports, I never faired
In me the frustration just grew.

Minutes by hours, hours by days turned
Mom gave up hopes, dad was ashamed.
What a child is she! He would exclaim.
My mother speechless but always blamed.

Tired teachers gave up on me
Repeating classes was all I did,
And class ten I reached.
I wore a smile despite woebegone.

Running was all what I knew
Releasing my depression, the only idea.
Hours I could run
Aggression here I could burn.

No teacher ever smiled
I was dejected every time.
Hopeless! I was called.
In the entire crowd, one face would smile.

His constant efforts, he always encouraged,
He believed in me.
Knew atrocious in studies; had wings to fly.

Potential in me to break records of Olympic,
Optimistically he pushed me towards the goal
Though red marks, card shows
Gold is what my show case holds

-Puja Chadha


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