From a seedling, I grew up to a tall plant.
I was nurtured with the flow of love and a hand of care. My mother always welcomed me even if I had any flaw and there were very few waves of despair. My father always was there like a shield to take away any blow away from me.
Life was a smooth sail for me and my siblings. I tied a knot with a man who understood what I said and even what I could not express. Fantasy it may be for a few but that how life came to me. God, may had been in good mood to had bestowed all his virtues on me.
My day would start as a normal house wife. Cleaning, cooking all I did. I was a banker and happy with my job, though tedious it was, long hours of work when you get in and no fixed out time. I loved my work though at times it was monotonous. Few friends I had. I was not too party type. My husband’s hug was that I always cared.
As a daily routine I dressed myself. In hurry I banged myself on the bookshelf and with a scar on my forehead I drove my car. I am a good and responsible citizen, I like to follow traffic rules even if I am alone.
I rode my car from home to my office as a part of my routine. On the way cars just screeched seeing the red signal. I too stopped. Getting bit late I monitored my watch. I wanted to break the law. My ego
Stopped me and my superego warned me. I thought to wait for the signal to turn green. It was 10 seconds on the board.
I ignited my car and accelerated to start. As I started, moved a few steps a big road roller just dashed in me. One, two or probably three were the turns my car took. I hardly can recall till I became unconscious.
I regained my sense only after a day. In the most depressing place and in a melancholy state. My family was around me, few looked depressed while few confused. All wanted to know how I ended up like this. Actually I too was in frame to answer their queries. A constable informed the inspector that I regained my consciousness and can be interrogated. I heard it but the inspector just wasted his time as my pain didn’t allow me to answer.
I wanted to move my legs. They seem to be in captivity. Below my torso I could feel on pain. All activities my legs were in vain.
Eyes full of tears, everyone looked stressed, “what is wrong with my legs? I asked.
No reply came.
My husband regained his strength and said, “Don’t worry sweet heart, I will be your legs.”
Now I knew things were bad. Life is not always smooth. It can take you for a Rollo coaster ride.
After a few weeks, I was discharged. The vehicle had changed. Instead of my car, now it was a wheel chair.
Everyone reached me, showed me sympathy. I was sulking. I wanted to fly but my wings were cut. Days passed, no movement my legs showed. I was getting more and more depressed. Time was playing games. I didn’t understand where it wants to go. Directions unknown, path unaware.
For days I thought. Where do l go! Aimless I lay on my bed, distressed, wondering I asked myself, ” Should I always stay helpless! ”
I picked up a tissue paper lying near my bed, held a pen in my right hand and thoughts took a form. Words on paper now had meaning. My instinct gave an answer. A massive decision of my life just happened to me. Probably my luck was on my side. We take years and pain to decide a career and for me, my helplessness made it for me.
It made me a writer which was not there in my wildest thought. Just a few words to sentences and abstractness to concreteness and my imagination came alive.
-Puja Chadha



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