Your love a bliss!



Gold medal was the thing that I always cherished. Arrogant! You may feel, certainly it was the kind of me. I had a few friends, mostly those who wanted my notes or study material. Otherwise I was always a material for envy. My classmates thought me to be too snobbish to talk to. I was fine with those behavior, as for me my achievement, my patent’s smiles, praises from teachers was all that accounted.
10th std got a gold medal for me, for my best performance in school. I opted for science as I thought of pursuing my career as a Dr. Now in 11th I made few friends, good ones as our class was a mixture of students from varied schools, a few intelligent like me. I was happy and excited to perform and add another feather to my cap. Past didn’t follow me here, no bulling, no envious people around. I grew happier. Students from all schools who scored best now under one roof. For me challenge to prove myself now at each step. Challenges I like them!
Struggling for grades and position made me more alone and irritating. History repeated itself, no friends once again. But my position I maintained.
One day, alone as usual sitting in the library, occupied in books, I heard a very unusual voice. The voice said, ” can I ?” Pulling the chair next to me he sat. The voice was hoarse & heavy which reminded me of senior Bacchan. And so unusual!
In the entire crowd now that was the hand whom I could bank on. We started spending time together. Reading books, completing projects, preparing for test, now I did everything only with him. Now I was more subtle and happy than before. I had a friend who was mine, who brought a smile on my face.
I hit the nail again, scored well and won my position, the top one again. He influenced me but not so much as he could take away my desires.
New year started, but he was not seen for a few days. I found myself restless. Waiting for him was a routine, he was now a part of me I realized. He was now my habit but his traces were lost. I was now losing self control. Each day I would reach school with a hope to see him, but all what I could see were tear drops on my cheeks. I now knew he was more than a friend to me, but where was he! No wear a bout! I lost him and my confidence was shattered.
A month passed, routine was on waiting for and hiding my tears. I left hope and was changing again more irresistible than before. To my surprise, after our summer vacations were over and we resumed school and there he was on the first bench, he waved his hand and my happiness had no bound, without understanding the situation, I clinched him and bursted into tears.
He understood me and apologized for not being with me. He was missing me and he just said it, “I love you.” “Me too.” I said. My new journey began, my confidence I regained. Days flew with love and happiness. I started spending more time with him now. Leaving books behind I was in him. He was everywhere, where ever I was, he was.
Boards appeared. I was close to it, just a few steps. I was well prepared. Exams appeared and results declared. I couldn’t believe myself I failed! The devastating event of my life. I picked up the phone to call, it went unanswered. I wanted him, his warmth, I ran towards his house. What I saw my eyes couldn’t believe. He was partying with my opponent, who had now gained my position in the result list as well as his life. I went inside to speak to him. His words baffled me. He said, “meet my girlfriend.”
“You switched so fast.” I said.
“No. You were never my choice. You were a time pass. No, actually my project.” Said he.
“What! “I exclaimed. “Didn’t get you?”
“You always stood 1st and my girlfriend would always be 2nd. She wanted your position and for that you had to slip down which I knew was impossible and so here it is. She is 1st now.” He explained his part of story with no regret.
“Cheat!” I exclaimed.
“I don’t mind. Everything is fair in love and war darling. Bye now!”
“What a fool I have been!” I said to myself.
I came home. Standing in my rooms balcony on the 1st floor, I jumped down.
My parents thought I did it because I was ashamed of myself. Now people labelled me with different names, few called me a coward while some called me a failure and I called myself a fool. I passed a month in the hospital to heal up my wounds and join my broken bones. Apart from this I even rebuilt my self esteem. I conquered my innate self, the real me.
I forgot what happened to me but didn’t forget to follow my instinct. I worked had and got my position back. My ex boyfriend’s girlfriend came first but the gold medal had my name. The next try, got a jackpot. Thank god he cheated on me so that I could discover a new me.

-Puja Chadha


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