I wandered like a nomad
Not for food, not for shelter.
I had enough.
My stomach was full,
no more hunger to drive me to a joint.
Enough rooms to rest I had,
No more can evoke to a mansion.

My desire to fly, touch the sky
Gave me wings to teach my destination,
No more aspirations can thrive for a name.
Bank balance had kept my accountants on toe,
No more greed can now push me to earn more.

I saw happiness and sorrows.
I saw highs and lows.
I saw lives and deaths.
I had enough, still something in was missing.
Money to my name
Credit to my fame.
But emptiness in me prevailed.
What I wanted, I was unaware,
Disturbed certainly I was.

I left and wandered in the jungle.
In search of true wisdom.
Search of mine was over.
The ultimate peace I achieved,
That I found within, so minimal it was:
The joy of giving,
The joy of sharing ,
from what you hardly have,
The smile it gives to the faces,
Not a part of your belonging.

This eternal peace I searched, searched and finally I reached.

-Puja Chadha


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