Getting up in the morning,
Though late for work
Struggling with utensils
To make the first meal of the day,
Brings you satisfaction.

While walking down the street
Towards your office in sizzling heat,
You stop by a little orphan
To treat him ice cream,
Brings you contentment.

In the chilling winter mornings
Jogging in the park
Along the perimeter on footpath
You see a human, bare lying curdled
You give your cover,
Brings you a pleasure.

On the road, in your chilling car,
Hear a tap on the window
Peeping out see a beggar stand
No money you pull to lend
Offer him work to start a living,
Brings you happiness.

In the crowd, stands a old lean man
You penetrate and offer him your hand.
Crossing the road, see a blind man follow
You cease the traffic, see him cross,
Brings a triumph.

Losses in profession or business,
Doesn’t stop you from charity
To see each child has food
To see each youth be educated,
Brings you a pride.

Not to worry, they are a good signs.
They are the symptoms
Of humanity being alive.

-Puja Chadha


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