In the long run of life
Its very difficult to confide
You get many on your way
Who is your true mate
Its very hard to decide

A wonderful person
Comes in your life just once in a day
He comes to you unexpectedly
You know not when he enters
You slowly but steadily confide in him

He suddenly one day knocks
And leave you shocking for your whole life
Your heart still doesn’t accept anything
It’s a game full of mystery
But some corner of your heart says,
“Stop the fuss and confusion
He is no other,
Just my very best friend.”

-Puja Chadha



We met each other coincidently
We talked to each other casually
We came close to each other unknowingly
We shared secrets with each other confidently
We became friend with each other willingly
Now we are away from each other unexpectedly
My thoughts still remain unshared
My ideas still die in me
My evenings pass off waiting for my friend
My ears wait to listen few comments
My heart says, “I miss you my friend”

-Puja Chadha


We were together
For so many moments
We were together
To share many secrets

We loved each other
For so long time
We loved each other
For what we were

But now
We are away from each other
For some unknown reasons
We got each other
After long tries
And we lost each other
For small little tides

We thought we knew each other
But somewhere in the middle
We misunderstood each other
And so now
We are not together

-Puja Chadha