Wondering I sat on the window
From sun set to day
Many thoughts paved their way
Inside me everything turned hollow.

As I child the laces I couldn’t do
Spill food had been a daily affair
Red marks on reports, I never faired
In me the frustration just grew.

Minutes by hours, hours by days turned
Mom gave up hopes, dad was ashamed.
What a child is she! He would exclaim.
My mother speechless but always blamed.

Tired teachers gave up on me
Repeating classes was all I did,
And class ten I reached.
I wore a smile despite woebegone.

Running was all what I knew
Releasing my depression, the only idea.
Hours I could run
Aggression here I could burn.

No teacher ever smiled
I was dejected every time.
Hopeless! I was called.
In the entire crowd, one face would smile.

His constant efforts, he always encouraged,
He believed in me.
Knew atrocious in studies; had wings to fly.

Potential in me to break records of Olympic,
Optimistically he pushed me towards the goal
Though red marks, card shows
Gold is what my show case holds

-Puja Chadha



Hovering of aircrafts
Noises of explosives
Marching of soldiers
And sky full of lighting.

Sitting on the window pane
The view baffled me.
Thundering and blasting
Made deaf and took aback a few steps.

My mom called, I had no ears to hear
No lips could ever utter.
Motionless now I stood as if a statue
That had bones and flesh.

The body turned cold,
In the dark clouds of smoke
Vision almost blurred as l turned old.
Blood I felt but beats had gone.

Army on two sides, why do they fight?
Unknown faces, slaughter heads
Don’t know what the people
behind them would have felt,
To see the corpse of the loved ones
Who bid the good bye in the morning
Now just lay dead.

Inside me now I could feel
Some warm gushes
Blood it make be,
Running to bring me to life
Or else next would have been me.

My mom in her little sense
Saw a missile on the wall next to me,
Shouted my name; no response
She held my hand and along with she ran.

I didn’t know what to say or do
Just ran as fast as I could.
I asked her; why war occur!
She didn’t reply, my words couldn’t reach her.

My murmuration was not low
The sounds of the arttilery
Had turned us deaf and lifeless.
We had heads on either side
But no hand for help to count on.

-Puja Chadha



Plato says poetry is immoral
Mimesis is what he called.
Away from reality
It pushes the human brain.

Poets are nothing,
just the ones who can imitate.
They take you to the world
Where there is no authenticity.

They can wove you in an abstract world.
To the unknown beauty,
To the unknown fantasies,
They can make you fall in love.

Boundaries they don’t have
For syntax they don’t care.
Flow of thoughts from mind and soul
Are what they are good at.

Love, pain, anger, grief, despair,
And many more to their vocabulary,
Have no shape nor are concrete.
Their power turn them to reality!

Which can be felt!
Though not touched!
Though not palpable!
Formless words,
Express each emotions
Visible not they,
Lot they can say.

Away from material world;
Moral value definitely they hold.
– Puja Chadha


Blue is the shade of life.
The deep seas and oceans below,
The endless skies,
All are the tints of blue
Some dark while some light.

Variance can be seen in the leaves
Who breathe in what we release.
The tiny ones that spurt from nodes
Glossy, tender with touch of rose
As it attains maturity
turns thick and dark green.

The nature has encompassed
different colours with deviations
to blend each personality.
The white peaks gloom with touch of crimson.
The terrestrial view captures heart
When you glance its muddy part.

The nature has blended all the colours
Like the beads in a string.
The colours of life, though vary in shades
Live in harmony where each has its role to play.
Why the nuances of our life create boundaries?
Let’s together overcome them,
And from you and me, make it just we.

-Puja Chadha


Together we walked and talked.
Together for hours we stalked.
Through the lanes unknown,
Together we flocked.
Holding the hands, many times
With utter silence into eyes we glared.
No one knew what the unsaid words said,
But thoughts we did exchanged.
Times passed
Relations grew stronger
And indeed longer.
Looking at the bedside now where you laid,
Wet my eyes, fills my heart with despair.
Gazing into your eyes, which are still for ever
I ruminate the time when we were together.
Each flash just brings back my smile
Though droplets still on my cheeks shine.
-Puja Chadha


Beauty of the woods
tall trees, long grass
chirping of birds
glittering eyes of prey

As a tiny tot
I read about it a lot
in my fairy tales

Grew in the wonders
grew in the fantasies
buzzing of bees
on flowers was
only what I could see

A hammer shattered
my dream
my adolescent
when touched reality

The forest of my dream
lush green and clean
now was a concrete
with a swarm of people
which crashed my identity

-Puja Chadha


A person comes in someday, somehow
You know not the importance he holds
You laugh, play and enjoy days together
Slowly, he is a part of your daily life

Friend, laughs with you when you smile
He cries with you when your heart is full
He stands beside you when you are alone
He thinks of you when everyone is busy with themselves

He understands you when you are not aware of yourself
He holds you when you need him the most
He guesses what you feel, before you could express
He knows ways to change your mood when you are depressed
He guides  and walks with you every stage of life

May storm come or rainfall he is with you
Guiding and leading you to take you there
Where Life is full of happiness|
And when such a person is near you
You cannot resist yourself and you say
That’s my best friend

-Puja Chadha